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No Jab News

If your vaccine doesn't protect you how will my vaccine protect you?

Week of December 27, 2021

This will be the Final Week of news updates

  • Schools use dirty tricks to jab children

  • Netherlands opts for 6 shots

  • Booster kills NY Times editor within 24 hrs

  • Trump is either ignorant or most evil man to ever have lived

  • WHO chief vows to vaccinate 70% of World by Summer 2022

  • Google any three digit number + 'new cases'.

  • Crew shortages cause 2,400 cancelled flights

  • The Spike Protein generator in your cells has no OFF switch

  • Russia develops anti-Covid drug

  • Twitter suspends Inventor of mRNA

  • Israelis protest in front of Prime ministers home over mandates

  • 60% of Un-Jabbed plan to never get it

  • 3 soccer players die within a week

  • Trump endorses the Jabs and takes credit for them

  • Israel first to go for 4th booster shot

Week of December 20 2021

  • Overworked nurses in California report heart attacks in vaxxed

  • WHO Director General: Some countries use boosters to kill children

  • Germany's ethics council backs jab mandates with caveats.

  • Founder of Twitter blocked on Twitter

  • Head of Harvard Chemistry Dept headed to jail over Wuhan dealings

  • Biden thanks Trump for Jabs

  • PMC: Metaformin holds promise as Covid treatment

  • London Mayor: More Lockdowns around the corner

  • 30,000 discharged from US military for not getting jabbed

  • Pfizer pushes 3rd shot for kids

  • NZ approves Euthanasia for Covid patients

  • France ready to jab kids 5-11

  • 79% of fully vaxxed Norway party goers get infected

  • Supreme Court to hear Biden's case on mandates

  • Detention Without Trial for those deemed Health Risk to the Public. NY

  • Newsom requires CA Health Workers to get booster

  • Fear-porn push for 2022 mail-in ballots

  • Ontario Premier can't get in his home

  • National Guard stepping in to fill gaps

  • Long Lines to be tested for Omicron

  • Denmark ignites torches in march for freedom

  • Quebec to shut down schools, bars, restuarnats, gyms, theaters

  • Israel: USA is a NO GO Zone

  • China. Covid Stormtroopers arrive

  • US Military to unveil SuperJab that works against all variants

  • NY School District warns parents of Heart Attacks in children

  • Americans are tired of Covid movie

  • Pilots sue the FAA

  • Crimes Against Humanity Trials. NEXT

  • More clashes with police in Vienna

  • Book on Omicron was copyrighted in 2020

  • Indefinite Detention for people posing a health risk to be considered in 2022 in State of NY

  • Trump endorses the Jabs and takes credit for them

Week of December 13, 2021

  • UNSAFE Jabs Promoted on Pregnant Women

  • Innacurate PCR test creates new surge in Covid "cases"

  • Vaccinated People pose the risk

  • Some Hospitals hiring back staff

  • PA Supreme Court strikes down School mask mandate

  • Young people 40X more likely nto die from Jabs than Covid

  • Labor Sec: Most Truck Drivers exempt from jabs

  • Fauci: No need for Omicron-Specific Jab

  • No Details on first UK Omicron death

  • Proof of vaccination required to enter BRASIL

  • Unvaxxed MP ousted from Legislature of Ontario

  • One more athlete out of the game for life

  • Cornell raises Covid Alert to Level Red

  • Brasil's Bolsonaro is naming officials who authorized jabs for children

  • Biden vaccine mandate reinstated by federal appeals court

  • Judge Rules: Hospital pays $10K/day fine or gives dying woman Ivermectin

  • Pregnant women dying from Jabs

  • Masked California has 4x more Covid cases than FL

  • Israeli study shows Natural Immunity Superior to Jabs

  • Hospitals covering real cause of Covid deaths

  • Immune Erosion or VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) starts after booster shot

  • Omicron-specific booster jabs without testing

  • Demand for booster shot soars after 1st Omicron death

  • Queensland Senator turns down jab

  • Regardless of Vax Status, California issues indoor mask mandate

  • Taiwan: 79% of Covid Cases Are People Who Are Vaccinated

  • 80% of Omicron cases are Fully jabbed

  • Free Vaccination, Free Subway Rides in NYC

  • FDA data reveals death rate during clinical trials was 2.905%

  • Soccer player Sergio Aguero, then and now

  • 1,750% increase in pilot deaths


  • Germany: NO JAB, NO ENTRY

  • Austria: NO JAB, 1 YEAR IN PRISON

  • Google: NO JAB, NO JOB

  • Hospitalized and Dead cut by 50% after Ivermectin is introduced

  • UK reopens travel from Red List countries

  • Governor who mandates mask parties maskless

Week of December 6, 2021

  • Gene Editing in the news

  • Navy Commander fired for Declining Biden's Jab Orders

  • US Senate Votes Down Biden's Vaccine Mandate

  • Study shows Jabs impair cells' ability to repair DNA & can cause Cancer

  • British Government cannot produce the Science behind its Draconian laws

  • American Front Line Nurses: Hiring Nurses

  • Italy: Even if unjabbed test negative they are pariah

  • A staggering 81% of all deaths in the UK are of the Vaccinated

  • BoJo announces new restrictions for Britain

  • Vaccine narrative falling flat on its face

  • Athletes: 306 injured. 176 dead from jabs

  • Yale Epidemiologist: Covid is a Scam

  • Austria increases fines and jail time for unjabbed

  • Australia to make jabs available to 5-11 year olds

  • A New US Bill to Establish A Federal Vaccination Database Across America

  • A torrent of data points to increased YoY deaths due to vaccination

  • 500 L.A. Unified School District employees lost their job for not getting jabbed

  • Berlin implements Covid measures for homeless

  • No end point for NZ jab

  • Funeral Director: Alarming rise of deaths from blood clotsand ADE.

  • 7 Australian MPs exit in as many days

  • Police arrest protesters. Paris

  • Co-ownership deal for vaccine signed before Wuhan outbreak

  • Natural Immunity eroding among Jabbed as predicted

  • Biotech CEO to develop 3 shots for Omicron

  • Omicron: Nothing Burger. Jabs: Burger with all the trimmings

  • CEO of Netcare: Omicron might signal the end of Covid

  • FDA petitions Court to give it 72 years to release documents on vaccines

  • Fauci: A Vaccine Can Make People Worse

  • Table of deaths following jabs